The 30 Day Fast Fit Challenge

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This challenge is 30 days worth of clean eating, consistent exercise, intermittent fasting protocol, and better habits all around! If you are looking to reset your diet and exercise routine AND find out what intermittent fasting is all about, then this challenge is for you!!

You will get access to:

    • A comprehensive fasting education - on why fasting works, the many uses and types of fasting, and the way we are going to use it over the month!
    • A complete grocery list of foods - (separated by proteins, carbs, and fats) that makes it easy for you to create meals over the course of the 30 days. PLUS over 15 sample meals to help when you’re in need!
    • An entire month of workout programming - that you can use each day. In fact you get 3 entirely unique programs in total! I made multiple for people with all gym/equipment/ability limitations. 
    • A plug and play system for your personal caloric needs - I go in depth and provide you the tools necessary to calculate exactly how many calories you should be eating to maintain or lose weight.
    • My personal Tips and Tricks - On living the intermittent fasting lifestyle and how to make it an easy life transition.
    • Access to Private Facebook Community - where challengers share what is working best for them, what workouts they are enjoying, and other general support of each other. I also will go Live once per week to talk tips, motivation, and provide a time where you can join to ask questions.
    • A variety of help videos - recorded by me, that will coincide with the challenge manual to help guide you through the month
    • Access to me the entire month - to ask questions about anything the challenge entails and as a general resource on fasting.
    • A chance to win prizes - as the top 3 transformations from this challenge will receive Amazon gift cards!